Video shooting and editing tips

Here is the list of important tips in videography

  1. Prepare script before shooting and practise
  2. Shoot in multiple clips with pauses and retake the scene if not happy with clip
  3. Jot down bullet points/scenes you want to show
  4. Start video with fade in effect
  5. End video with fade out effect or music
  6. Include text/titles/descriptions to convey message
  7. Add transition between different point/scene
  8. Take help of pen/paper/whiteboard or Pointpoint presentation to explain things
  9. If explaining the webpage, make use of virtual pen to highlight the points
  10. If budget allows, buy digital whiteboard
  11. When you are talking, show lot of enthusiasm and hunger to deliver the best
  12. Add music suitable for the scene especially when there is a motion scene
  13. Slow motion clips - If situation allows, add slow motion clips
  14. Time lapse - If situation allows, add time lapse

Apart from above, if you can also include other popular cuts and transitions

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