Video editing tips - cuts

Here is the list of important cuts in videography
  • Standard shot - 2 related scenes are combined together e.g. back and front side of object
  • Jump cut - Reducing length of clip by deleting unnecessay shots
  • J cut - combining 2 different scenes together with audio of second scene overlapping first scene
  • L cut - similar to J cut but in reverse way
  • Cutting on action - Cut the clip as action happens, person moves,bends,looks around etc
  • Cross cutting - 2 scenes playing together or laternatively. Show past e.g. suspense scene
  • Cut away - show surrounding around the scene
  • Montage - Sequence of scenes before main action e.g. To get a goal, you need to prepare
  • Match cut - 2 similar scenes - one after other - transition from one scene to another e.g. Close door in one scene and open door in other
Here is the list of important transitions in videography
  • Fade in and Fade out - Beggining and end of clip
  • Dissolve - To show passing of time and blend one scene to other
  • Wipes - To transition from one scene to other
  • invisible cut - Cover the camera lense with palm or paper and then transition to other scene
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