Auto and Manual focus in Camera

Focus is used to highlight objects at specific distance from the camera. We can focus using manual or automatic method. Most of the lenses will have a focus ring which can be rotated to adjust the focus manually. Manual focus is suitable for situations where object is stationary. If object is moving, you will need a camera having auto focus mechanism. AF (Auto) and MF (Manual) buttons are used to indicate focus method on most of the cameras. Here is the list of AF modes.
  • One shot AF (Canon) or Single Servo AF (Nikon)
  • AI servo AF(Canon) or Continuous Servo AF (Nikon)
  • AI focus AF (Canon) or Auto AF (Nikon)
If Camera has more AF points, it will be able to quickly focus on any moving objects. AF area setting will be used to determine what area should be used to focus.
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