Testing frameworks in javascript


Mocha is a unit testing framework. Main features of Mocha are
  • test framework for Node.js
  • works with any assertion library
  • run tests using mocha command. By default, it will look for tests under test directory
  • Asynchronous testing with promises
  • Test coverage reporting
  • Test retry support
  • Test duration report
  • run tests matching regular expressions
  • before and after hooks
  • run tests from command line


Chai is an assertion library in JavaScript. Chai is usually used with Mocha. Main features of Chai are
  • BDD assertion style using Expect and Should
  • TDD assertion style using Assert


Jasmine is BDD framework for JavaScript. Main features of Jasmine are
  • BDD style tests
  • Built in assertion library
  • run tests from command line
  • comes with test doubles library
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