Mocha is a unit testing framework. Main features of Mocha are

  1. test framework for Node.js
  2. works with any assertion library
  3. run tests using mocha command. By default, it will look for tests under test directory
  4. Asynchronous testing with promises
  5. Test coverage reporting
  6. Test retry support
  7. Test duration report
  8. run tests matching regular expressions
  9. before and after hooks
  10. run tests from command line


Chai is an assertion library in JavaScript. Chai is usually used with Mocha. Main features of Chai are

  1. BDD assertion style using Expect and Should
  2. TDD assertion style using Assert


Jasmine is BDD framework for JavaScript. Main features of Jasmine are

  1. BDD style tests
  2. Built in assertion library
  3. run tests from command line
  4. comes with test doubles library

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