.Net Common Language Infrastructure

CLI – Common Language Infrastructure In .net CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), there are many standard libraries as mentioned below

  1. Base Class Library (BCL)
  2. Runtime infrastructure library
  3. Network
  4. Reflection
  5. XML – provides classes to work with XML files and streams

Base Class Library

You will most likely be working with base class library. BCL contains below namespaces and classes.
  1. System – Arrays and Basic data types like Integer, Double are defined in System namespace
  2. System.Collections and System.Collections.Generic – Normal collections and generic collections like dictionaries, lists, stack, queue etc.
  3. System.Diagnostics – This can be used for event logging and tracing
  4. System.Globalization – Culture related classes can be used to manage language, regions, date, time, currency etc
  5. System.IO – File handling can be done using classes defined in System.IO namespace
  6. System.Text – We can work with regular expressions using classes in this namespace.
  7. System.Threading – Classes in this namespace are used when we want to do multi threaded programs

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