Here is the list of questions that can be asked in automation testing interview.

What is a protractor?

Protractor is a JavaScript framework based on WebdriverJS (Official NodeJS Webdriver) to test angular wep applications.

Difference between WebdriverJS and WebdriverIO

WebdriverJS is an Official Selenium Webdriver for NodeJS environment. WebdriverIO is a third party implementation of webdriver protocol.

What is a cypress?

         - automatic waiting for DOM, elements to become visible.
         - modify HTTP requests and response.
         - does not use Selenium
         - File changes watching
         - Free and open source 
         - Does not use WIRE protocol. It is executed in same loop as app

Explain how Appium is used to automated iOS and Android apps

         - iOS (XCUITest) and Android (UIAutomator)
         - Install appium and start it on default port
         - Start emulators using Xcode Simulator and Android Studio
         - With adb, you can control the android device. e.g. Manage apps
         - Pass the capabilities like platform name, version, devicename, app name etc
         - Execute tests

What is Spotify agile model?

How to handle automation project

         - choose unit testing framework
         - define scope of testing (browsers/mobile devices)
         - Write tests using BDD and upload to github and hook it with CI server running in AWS/Azure
         - Schedule (functional/Web Service/Performance)tests to run after deployment
         - Tests can be run using selenium docker image in K8 cluster in Parallel
         - Mobile tests can be run in cloud on browserstack/ saucelabs or AWS device farm
         - Check the failures and report to devs/BAs by creating ticket in Jira
         - Repeat


How to Mocha Chai and Jasmine?

What is a BDD and TDD

How to use JMeter?

How to use Restassured?

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