Pixel 4 review

Pixel 4 was launched in oct 2019 in USA.

Key features of Pixel 4

  1. Motion sense and gestures - User can go to next or previous songs/videos, silence interruptions using gestures.
  2. Squeezing phone to activate Google assistant
  3. Jumping to Camera - We can open camera app instantly from any screen by pressing the power button twice.
  4. Toggle selfie mode - We can easily switch between selfie mode and normal mode of camera by twisting the phone twice.
  5. Ability to do system navigation in 2 ways - by swiping and by turning on the back, home and app buttons
  6. Switching to Do not disturb mode by placing the phone face down
  7. Ability to add multiple users just like desktop systems
  8. Driving mode is available
  9. Easy volume settings - Media, Call, Ringing, Alarm volume can be adjusted by pressing volume button
  10. Parental Controls
  11. Digital Well being

What I did not like about Pixel 4

  1. Volume button is bit hard to press
  2. No Fingerprint scanning
  3. Face Id is provided but it is not accurate. Phone can be unlocked even when eyes are closed.

Key specifications of Pixel 4

  1. Aluminium frame
  2. Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection
  3. Power button and Volume buttons are made from plastic
  4. Biometric - No fingerprint, Only FaceId
  5. Snapdragon 855 chipset
  6. Water and dust resistant - IP68 Rating
  7. Battery - 2800 mAh with Qi Wireless charging
  8. Display - 5.7" POLED display
  9. Camera 7.1 - 2 Rear Cameras and 1 Front Camera
  10. Android 10
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