All about laptops

Here you will find the best laptops list. Laptops can be categorised as mentioned below.

  1. General Use Laptop
  2. Video editing Laptop
  3. Gaming Laptop

Laptops for General Use

This type of laptop is very common. Many people use such laptops for daily home and office use. Hard disk can be of HDD or SDD type. RAM is usually around 10 GB but lately laptops are coming with higher RAM configuration. Hard disk size is usually less than 1TB. Entry level graphics card is used.

Laptops for Video editing

While you can do video editing on general purpose laptops, but it is not recommended as it takes huge amount of memory when editing videos. If your laptop is running out of memory, you will see your editing software crashing very often. So to edit videos, you need powerful computer. RAM should be at least 16 GB and Hard disk size should be also more than 1 TB. SDD type of hard disk is recommended as it is much faster. Also higher end processor is recommended.

Gaming Laptop

To play games on laptop, you need powerful graphics card and also lots of memory. Gaming laptops are usually very costly. Razer, Alienware are some of the popular brands in this segment. AMD Radeon™ RX and NVIDIA GeForce GTX family of graphics cards is very popular in gaming laptops.

You can see laptop market share here .
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